About Us

Founded in 2022, ITCourses provides a range of IT courses, labs and exams for IT professionals to improve their skills for personal growth or career progression.

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A blue and green background with some shapes
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ITCourses was founded by a busy IT professional with over two decades of experience, who was always trying to put his career first and rapidly ascend the corporate ladder.

While trying to further his career, he noticed that the lack of time to attend conventional IT courses within a class setting, plus the cost associated with it, meant companies would often be reluctant to send their staff on such training and also give them the time off work to attend.

The only recourse for him were online courses which one could do in your own time and playback. However, most were poorly designed and the quality was lacking, with often out of date content for busy IT professionals like himself.

This shone a big light for him and underlined the gap in the market for up to date and relevant trending courses. He then set upon himself with a team to create a portal and collaborate with top industry trainers to achieve his goal of building a truly e-learning platform consisting of a myriad of IT courses dedicated to the pursuit of the learning of the very latest IT skills, whether for Fortune 500 companies, existing IT professionals or indeed newbies looking to enter this industry and profession.

His goal was to provide IT courses sourced from the very top suppliers and vendors worldwide in the IT industry.

This wide selection of IT courses will equip clients and students for success in their educational endeavours and career growth in their professional journey.

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Headquartered in stunning Wyoming, ITCourses.com have since inception gone from strength to strength with an impressive 300+ library of IT courses, as well as labs, exams and a lifetime access to courses.

They hope to become a leader within this space and set a benchmark for quality and relevant IT courses in e-learning as one of the most trusted marketplaces in this industry.